Explore your own data.

Big data has profiles on us and our identities. These profiles, however are often reductive, and parts of our personalities, behaviors, and traits, are picked apart and analyzed. We’re put into boxes that we might not even know we’re in let alone agree with.

Before learning more about big data I wasn’t concerned with protecting my own information past preventing identity fraud. But now I realize that it’s deeper than that. My data plays into consequences systems and processes used by big data have on others. It’s important to protect and worth it.

By exploring your own data you can not only form a relationship with your information, but feel nostalgic in doing so, or even start a conversation with friends, strangers, or loved ones about topics you may not have covered otherwise!

Below are prompts for what kind of data you can explore, and where to find the answers as predicted by the likes of Facebook and Google.

Prompt: Name

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Where to find your data.