I go to The New School.

This tile is split into two sides; one for each of my majors. There are six lines, each symbolic of a semester, excluding the first year where all freshman enrolled in almost the same course schedule.

I am in the dual degree program at The New School and will graduate with a BA in Culture and Media Studies, and a BFA in Design and Technology. However, Design and Technology has been the major that really shaped my experience in college. It’s what led me to the career I am moving towards, and where I met a wonderful community of friends who I will keep talking to for years to come. It’s also been where I’ve struggled the most—the first major studio class I took, I thought I had walked into the wrong room. We were learning about molecules and how electricity worked, which is, one, not what I expected, and two, definitely not my forte. It ended up being fine, even though that lecture turned into a semester on physical computing, which became the bane of my existence. I realized everyone I was surrounded by was struggling just as much as I was--that we were all going through this together. Being that we are about 16 total in our track, it was easy to get to know people and build a relationship with them.

Culture and Media studies felt remote. I never saw the same faces in my classes, and I felt like although the content of what I was learning was interesting, not much would help me after graduation. I didn’t want to be an author, philosopher, or academic, so I felt like I was idling, while in Design and Technology I was going 100 mph.