I work in technology.

This tile shows a computer with a cord coming from the back. The cord zig zags, mimicking my own experiences leading to ending up in the tech industry.

The first class I walked into for my major in Design and Technology, I thought I had walked in on the wrong room. When I realized I hadn’t, panic overtook me and I considered switching majors altogether--we were talking about how electricity worked and molecules, and grounds. It was terrifying, but I stuck with it and thank god I did. I discovered a love within the balance of design and technology.

Originally, I stayed for practical purposes--where there’s technology, there’s often money. But, low level coding, frontend stuff is like math for me. The feeling you get when you find a bug, or finally get something working is amazing. There are answers to the problems you have, and it’s logical in the way you get to them. Designing for technology feels futuristic, speculative. I’ve touched on different elements of the tech and design industries throughout my experiences in college, and I think I know what direction I’ll go in, but it’s not a set thing. We never know what technology will cover, or turn into because it’s an ever changing field, and that’s part of the fun.

Ethics is also a challenge though. The more I learn about how tech is incorporated into our world, the more I get concerned. Where can I go that hasn’t played a part in forming the start of a dystopian society? There are plenty of places, but whether they’ll last long, or hire me, is a question within itself.