I played sports in high school.

The two circles in this tile represent my time playing volleyball and basketball in high school. The bigger the circle, the more important the spoort was through my time there.

At my first high school, VES, we had to play sports every season. When I tell people this now they are mortified, but there were ways of getting out of it or joining a club instead if you really did some convincing. I never felt the need though. I loved playing sports and being a part of a team. In a school where I often felt out of place, being able to bond with people over a shared interest like volleyball or basketball was really important to me. I had people to say hi to in the halls, and was always surrounded by a friendly face. The truth was that I was intimidated by people I thought I had nothing in common with, but really I just didn’t have the confidence to go figure out what it was that we did.