I have no kids.

This tile is split into four sections--one for my parents, who had three kids as represented by the three squares within their section, two for my brothers and sisters in law, who each have one, and the last blank one for me, who has none.

In 2021 I became an aunt twofold. My wonderful little nephews have been sparks of joy and I can’t wait to see them as they grow up. I’ve gotten to hold one of them so far, and it was quite the scary moment. He seemed so fragile, I thought the slightest thing would break him. But the second I looked into his eyes I fell in love, and though that fear remained, I knew he would be okay because I would never let anything hurt him. My little, tiny godson looking up at me, or even sleeping, was the loveliest feeling. When I meet little guy number two, it’ll happen all over again and I cannot wait.

An aunt however, is all that I want to be for quite some time. I will love it and enjoy it, and spoil my nephews with love. It’s the perfect role and one I get to play for the rest of my life!