I lived in Cascais.

This tile is designed as a 'C.'

When we moved to Cascais our house wasn’t ready to be moved into so we stayed in a little condo down the street. It had a shared backward, and two bedrooms for the five of us, and I loved it. My brothers and I shared a room which had three twin beds all in a row, and a chair in the corner. We each had our own personal drawer to store anything that wasn’t clothes, so essentially candy, and an old computer that sat near the door. It was a small place but I didn’t mind or even notice for that matter. I liked being so close to my brothers.

We got to Portugal during the summer. I went to a tennis camp at a golf club down the street. We spent the days moving from the courts to the pool, to the outdoor lunch tables. I would get home and explore the neighborhood, walking around alone. One day I met a boy, who was older than me but not as old as my brothers. He became my friend and told me about his recent trips to places like the Red Sea. We would walk around the neighborhood together, but he was moving away and one day he just left, just like three years later we did.