I graduate college in 2021.

The tassle in this tile lies to the right, signifying the last of three notable graduations. The height at which this lies is also based on the year of the ceremony.

I was bummed, to say the least, that our college graduation would be virtual. I hadn’t had a high school ceremony, and had set high expectations for my NYC graduation. I feel like this is my big accomplishment. It’s what I’ve been working towards for the first twenty two years of my life essentially, and an online powerpoint doesn’t feel appropriate in respect to the amount of effort and money it took to get here. But I’ve made my peace with it, and know that there are bigger things waiting, and that ultimately it’s ‘for the best.’ We’ll figure out a way to celebrate. May fourteenth will mark the day of freedom, where for a few weeks my friends and I can enjoy the beauty of summer in the city, and take advantage of the last days together.