I graduated 8th grade in 2013.

The tassle in this tile lies to the left, signifying my first of three notable graduations. The height at which this lies is also based on the year of the ceremony.

My eighth grade graduation will be the only in person ceremony I get. It was a bittersweet day; my grade of twenty-five was splitting down the middle with where we were going to high school, and the people I had gotten to know more than any other group outside my family were leaving. I was lucky to have my two best friends moving onto the same school with me, but the shift was the end of an era. Things would change no matter who went where, and everyone felt it. We were a close grade, and for the rest of each of our lives, the twenty five people in it will be ingrained in our memories for years and years. These people and the experiences we had together aren’t just ones you forget.